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Offering a sanctuary for ​healing and growth, serving ​the Colorado and New Mexico ​communities.

by Dr. Ariel McGrew, LPC-S, LPCC, NPT-C, C-PD, CCATP

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At Off•Script™️, we understand that ​trauma can deeply affect not just ​individuals but entire family ​systems. Our approach is holistic ​and tailored, ensuring that each ​client’s care is as unique as their ​story. Our licensed professional ​counselors are skilled in various ​therapeutic techniques that ​provide relief and understanding ​for those navigating the ​complexities of trauma.

Off•Script™ by Tactful Disruption® is dedicated to providing innovative and ​personalized mental health services. Integrating expressive therapy and postmodern ​approaches aligns with its mission to become the Nike of mental health in several ways:

  • Holistic and Personalized Care: By incorporating expressive therapies, Off•Script™ ​offers clients diverse tools to explore their emotions and experiences, ​accommodating different preferences and needs.

  • Empowerment and Resilience: Postmodern approaches like narrative therapy and ​SFBT help clients reshape their stories and focus on strengths, promoting ​empowerment and resilience.

  • Client-Centered Approach: Both expressive therapy and postmodern approaches ​prioritize the client's perspective and active participation in the therapeutic process, ​ensuring that services are tailored to individual needs.

  • Innovative Techniques: These approaches reflect Off•Script™'s commitment to ​staying at the forefront of mental health practices by using creative and ​contemporary methods to support clients’ mental health journeys.

By integrating these therapeutic modalities, Off•Script™ by Tactful Disruption® can ​offer comprehensive, flexible, and effective mental health support, helping clients ​navigate their challenges and achieve their goals.

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For our younger ​clients, we create a ​safe and nurturing ​environment to help ​them express and ​process their ​experiences.


Teens and young adults ​benefit from our ​counselors' ability to ​connect and empower ​them through evidence-​based strategies.


We also offer ​comprehensive family ​therapy to help rebuild ​trust, communication, ​and resilience within ​family units.

Childhood trauma refers to a ​distressing or disturbing ​experience that a child ​undergoes before the age of 18, ​which could have lasting adverse ​effects on their mental, physical, ​social, emotional, or spiritual well-​being. Types of trauma can ​include abuse, neglect, witnessing ​violence, sudden loss of a loved ​one, or any event that ​significantly threatens the safety ​or well-being of the child or ​someone close to them.

Treatment Modalities

Eye Movement ​Desensitization and ​Reprocessing (EMDR):

A therapy designed to ​alleviate distress ​associated with ​traumatic memories.

Trauma-Focused ​Cognitive Behavioral ​Therapy (TF-CBT): A ​form of psychotherapy ​that specifically ​addresses the emotional ​and psychological ​challenges related to ​traumatic experiences.

Expressive Therapy:

This form of therapy ​can be particularly ​effective for ​individuals dealing ​with trauma, ​emotional distress, or ​mental health ​disorders.

Family Therapy: ​Addresses the impact ​of trauma on the ​family unit and helps ​family members ​support each other.

Narrative Therapy:

Focuses on the stories ​individuals tell about their ​lives and experiences, ​aiming to reframe negative ​or limiting narratives into ​more positive and ​empowering ones.

Solution-Focused Brief ​Therapy (SFBT): ​Concentrates on identifying ​and building upon the ​client’s strengths and ​resources to find solutions ​to their problems, rather ​than focusing on the ​problems themselves.

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Whether you're seeking support for ​childhood trauma, managing the turbulent ​years of adolescence, or working through ​family challenges, Off•Script™️ by Tactful ​Disruption® is here to help you navigate ​your path to healing.

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Mandatory Disclosure

Dr. Ariel McGrew is the founder and Clinical Director of Off•Script™, a virtual clinic that ​provides comprehensive mental health support. This disclosure statement outlines her ​background, qualifications, and the scope of services offered under her direction.

Background and Experience

  • Qualifications: PhD, Business Psychology; Consulting, MA, Clinical Mental Health ​Counseling, LPC-S -Colorado and IL, LPCC - New Mexico, NPT-C, CCATP, C-PD, CNP
  • Experience: 11 years of professional practice, over 15 years in Psychological Operations, ​Business Development Expert, Founder of Tactful Disruption®. adjunct professor of ​psychotherapies and counseling theories at Pepperdine University
  • Achievements: ForbesBLK member, Forbes Coaches Council, contributing author to ​Teaching Brilliant Black Girls, and reviewer to Millenials Guide to Workplace Politics,
  • Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor, Miss Black Utah ‘10